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OCOTC Classes

All dogs must be current on vaccinations. Classes and schedules are subject to change due to weather, lack of enrollment, and at the direction of the instructor. Dogs coming from other training facilitye for obedience classes will be evaluated by the Training Director for enrollment in the proper class

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW MUCH DO YOUR CLASSES COST? Our classes cost $95.00 for non-members for the full 9 week session.

DO YOU OFFER CONFORMATION CLASSES? No, we do not offer them at this time.

DO YOU OFFER PRIVATE TRAINING? No, all our classes are in a group setting.

DO YOU OFFER BOARDER TRAINING? No, we only offer weekly classes where we train you to train your dog.

HOW LONG ARE YOUR CLASSES? Our classes are nine weeks long.

HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER OF THE OCOTC? Any person eighteen years of age or older, who has successfully trained and graduated a dog in regular training classes of the Club, OR successfully completed requirements for a CD title(at least), AND attended two training courses, AND who has attended three or more meetings of the Club is eligible (Volunteer Work at trials and work days can be substituted for meetings). The Applicant must be sponsored by two club members in good standing, one of whom must have been the applicant's instructor

HOW OLD IS TOO OLD? Your dog is never too old to learn. However the classes can be fast paced with heeling exercises and if they have any joint problems it may be too much for them to do. Use your own judgment and if your old dog is getting tired sit and take a rest.

HOW YOUNG CAN MY PUPPY BE IN ORDER TO START? You can start training them at home as soon as you get them. OCOTC does recommend that they have had at least two sets of shots. This is usually around 12 weeks depending on the vet shot schedule. Puppies spread around diseases just like little kids and we don't want any of them getting sick. Rabies is not required for the Puppy Class. If your puppy is over 6 months then they have to start in Beginners. All required shots including rabies should be completed. Proof has to be provided. State of OK requires that dogs have their first rabies shot by 6 months of age.


DO WE PROVIDE SERVICE TRAINING? No, however, we do have therapy dog classes, but this is NOT service dog training.

WHERE ARE YOUR CLASSES HELD? Our new training facility is at 6639 NW 23rd.

WHAT DAYS ARE YOUR CLASSES ON AND TIMES? Please see the info under the specifc classes for this information.

CAN YOU GIVE ME HELP OVER THE PHONE? While we try to help as much as possible, every dog is different and we cannot diagnose problems over the phone.