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All ONLINE enrollments include $3.00 Processing fee

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All Obedience(+ Rally) Classes - $95.00 for 9 weeks

Therapy Class - $75.00 for 7 weeks

All dogs must be current on vaccinations. Classes and schedules are subject to change due to weather, lack of enrollment, and at the direction of the instructor. Dogs coming from other training facilities for obedience classes will be evaluated by the Training Director for enrollment in the proper class.

Puppy classes - For Dogs 3 to 6 Months

The goal of the puppy class is to help you and your new puppy get to know each other and to introduce some obedience concepts to the puppy. A major part of this class is socialization with other people and other dogs. This is done in a class setting where concepts of attention and walking on a leash are introduced. Having a well socialized puppy will pay off when you and the puppy are at someone else's house or when other people are at your house.

Topics: Basic puppy manners(walking on leash, sit, down, stand and come when called), Socialzation, biting, chewing, digging, jumping up, barking and house breaking.

Beginner Classes - For Dogs over 6 Months

This class introduces basic obedience concepts(reinforces for puppy class graduates). Topics: Sit, Down, Stay, Sit Stay, Down Stay, Stand Stay, Sit for Exam, Basic heeling or walking on a loose leash, Come when called, leave it, jumping up, and barking. Additional concepts may be covered time permitting.

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Offline Enrollment-Puppy and Beginners Class

Offline Advanced Class


Prerequisite is completion of the Beginners Class. Novice is the continuation of what is learned in Beginners and the perfecting of each exercises for not only a reliable ovedience dog, but a well mannered pet. New exercises are the Figure 8, the Stand for Exam, and the Finish

Trial Procedures

Prerequisite is Graduation from the Novice class or the trainer has put a CD on a dog. Trial Procedures is a continuation of Beginner and Novice, perfecting the exercises for a CD(Companion Dog) title. Covers the AKC rules for showing in Novice Class and the new Beginner Novice Class.

Beginning Open

Prerequisite for this class is minimal of two legs towards a CD or completion of a CD. This class teaches the basics for doing the exercises in the Open Class at Dog Trials. Drop on Recall, Retrieve on Flat and over the high jump and the broad jump. Works on the out of sight stays and continuation of off lead healing.

Advanced Open

Prerequisites for this class is to have completed the Beginning Open Class. This Class continues the training learned in Beginning Open and covers the AKC rules for showing in the Open Class.


Prerequisite for this class is to have at least 2 legs towards a CDX or have a CDX. This class teaches all the exercises necessary to compete in the Utility Classes at a trial including the rules for showing in this class.